Special Guest: PIERO (AUS) – VEND 28 Juillet


vendredi 28 juillet 2017 - samedi 29 juillet 2017    
22h00 - 4h00

Anse Vata, Nouméa, 98800

Nous aurons l’honneur de recevoir et de vous presenter PIERO, artiste australien tout droit venu de Melbourne,
Dj et producteur incontournable, Il a depuis une dizaine d’année enflammé les dance-floors australiens & sera parmi nous le vendredi 28 Juillet au POP LIGHT et cela pour une date unique sur le Caillou.

Accompagné ce soir là par DJ TY notre résident. Une soirée résolument Clubbing qui s’annonce pleine de surprises !


Versatile, Energetic and Creative, Its little wonder that Piero has earned a reputation for being one of Melbourne’s best–loved, hardest working and professional DJ talents…
Piero doesn’t simply play music, he feels it, he lives it, and he connects people with it. He approaches every set with the sole purpose of capturing the floors attention, and selects programs and mixes to musically articulate their emotions. He knows what they want, and like all the world’s finest, he gives it to them…in spades!
In a distinguished career that spans over 15 rocking years in the booth, Piero has taken his versatile sounds to literally every club and venue of repute, across the country and abroad…. In a decade that has seen countless DJ’s come and go, his unique passion and silky skills have seen him entertain crowds from Mega clubs to VIP marquees ; making smiles and hands
rise is what he lives for – it’s his vice, his vindication and his ultimate, ‘Oh So Sweet‘ reward, putting himself at the forefront of Melbourne’s Dance Scene – year in, year out.