KAS Kizomba party – Friday

KAS Kizomba party - Friday


vendredi 23 février 2018    
19h00 - 23h00

Royal Tahiti
Hotel le Mocambo, Nouméa, 98800

It was too good last week, we start again :)!

We give you all rendezvous on February 23 at the Royal Tahiti for a Kizomba Party! I prepare a playlist of madness to treat you!

Beginner course evolutive with Léa Gru and myself at 19:00 to put you in the mood directly! 🙂 We prepare you a nice little move!

And if you have never tried kizomba, now is the time! Do not hesitate !

70% Kizomba, Urban kiz, tarraxa 30% Bachata / salsa

Turn the word around and go back on the 23rd!

Thank you very quickly!


WeLoveKizomba # # # KAS2018 party

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